CBSE has just released the Class 9 syllabus for the 2024-25 academic year

CBSE 9 Syllabus Released

CBSE has just released the Class 9 syllabus for the 2024-25 academic year. This syllabus covers all the painting subjects students will learn throughout the year. It shows what they gta 5 mobile will study and how they will be graded. To do well in their studies and exams, students need to grasp and stick to this syllabus. It’s important for them to carefully go through all the topics mentioned in the syllabus to excel in their studies. Scroll down and get the CBSE Class 9 Painting Syllabus.

CBSE Class 9 Painting Syllabus 2024-25

Theory (30 marks)

UNIT- I: Fundamentals of Visual Arts (The Elements) (10 Marks)

UNIT-II: Methods and Materials of Painting (10 Marks)

Understanding and appropriate use of:
(i) Tools,
(ii) Painting Materials – Poster Colours, Water Colours, Oil Pastels and Pencils

UNIT-III: Story of Indian Art (10 Marks)

(i) Appreciation of Indian Art covering selected paintings,
sculpturesand architectural glimpses:
a) Paintings :
(i) Ulizard’s Dance (Bhimbethaka)
b) Sculptures
(i) Yaksha – Yakshi at R.B.I. New Delhi (done by Ramkinker Vaij)
C) Architecture
(i) Sun Temple (Konark, Odisha)
(ii) Indian Folk Art – Paintings
(Floor decoration) Alpana, Rangoli and Mandana

Practical (70 marks)

Assessment for Practical (50 marks)

Still Life

(a) Accurate drawing with proper composition of objects. (15 marks)
(b) Compositional arrangement with due emphasis on the subject-matter. (15 marks)
(c) Treatment of medium with an gta 5 mobile appropriate colour scheme in still life. (10 marks)
(d) Originality, creativity and overall expression. (10 marks)

In the 2024-25 session, the class 9 Painting syllabus has theory worth 30 marks and practical worth 70 marks. Theory and Practical go hand in hand, helping students learn different techniques. The syllabus gives a clear picture of what the course covers all year. The subject code is 049, and the exam lasts for 3 hours.

Internal Assessment (20 marks)

It includes,

(i) Periodic Tests – There will be three periodic tests in a year, out of which the best two will be assessed. (10 marks)

(ii) Portfolio -The portfolio will consist of 10 best works of sketches, still life and painting compositions done during the year. (10 marks)

Click here to get the full PDF.

CBSE Exam Pattern 2024

CBSE, the Central Board of Secondary Education, organizes the syllabus and textbooks for CBSE Class 9, and sets guidelines for the exam. The Class 9 exam, conducted by affiliated schools, is tentatively scheduled for March 2024.

Generally, it follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern, with 60% for Summative Assessment and 40% for Formative Assessment, assessing students’ abilities and calculations. Understanding the CBSE Class 9 exam pattern and syllabus helps students prepare effectively.

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